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2013 SEMA Show video coverage with Steve DeMan & FBS Tapes by VATV
2014 SEMA Show video coverage with Steve DeMan, Nub & FBS Tapes by V8TV - watch the video
  2015  BC Custom Car Show
2015 BC Custom Car Show click here
Meet in person our Celebrity Custom "Car Stars" G.Barris, G.Winfield, Nub, S.DeMan

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Step-by-Step Metalflake I Painting by Andy Anderson
An interview with Mike Learn
A lot to learn
- Mike Learn;
arrow 4   FBS Booth #11173 at SEMA 2014

Meet us at SEMA Booth #11173

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Lowrider Scene Magazine Featuring Steve DeMan  
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Meet Nub, Steve DeMan & Jay at SEMA Booth #11173

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    SEMA 2013 Show photo album
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FBS SEMA Show 2012

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FBS SEMA Show photo album
FBS SEMA Show photo album