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La Rouge ProBand is a new generation fineline tape, specifically designed for use with all waterborne paint system, including airbrush paints. Get a flyer  here

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Step-by-Step Metalflake I Painting by Andy Anderson
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New - La Rouge, Le Bleu
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FBS Booth #10717
Oct 31- Nov 3, 2017

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Our SEMA 2017 Booth - #10717

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Steps of Skate Deck Paint
Painting by Kyle Morely
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New Custom Fineline Tapes
FBS at SEMA 2017 The Main Evant - Custom Tape Off Challenge

The Main Event
Custom Tape Off CHALLENGE
FBS Booth #10677
Oct 31 Nov 3, 2017

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FBS Fineline Custom Tapes
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FBS SEMA Show 2012

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FBS SEMA Show photo album
FBS SEMA Show photo album